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CfT: Mass Engineered Timber Study

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Department of Housing Local Government and Heritage
Mass Engineered Timber Study
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Price/Cost Effectiveness
Mass Engineered Timber (MET) is a term used to describe a family of engineered wood products of large section size that offers the construction industry a viable alternative to steel and concrete. The term is generally applied to thick panel products but can also include large section glued-or block-laminated linear elements. There has been a significant level of interest in these products and building systems due to their technical capabilities, cost-competitiveness and environmental properties. With challenging national carbon emissions reduction targets for the built environment and an urgent need to decarbonise construction, timber provides opportunities which are identified in a number of national policies. MET is considered a means of contributing to the decarbonisation of construction. In accordance with Building Regulations all materials shall be fit for their intended use and the conditions in which they are to be used. This study will support the work of Thematic Group 2 (TG2 - Regulation, Standards and Compliance) of the Interdepartmental and Industry Steering Group on Timber in Construction in relation to Mass Engineered Timber. The study will identify, examine and report any specific regulatory and market challenges to MET in an Irish context. It will review technical guidance/standards, research, reports and codes that have been developed in Ireland and other countries in relation to the design and use of MET and other relevant engineered timber products and consider their relevance in the Irish context. The outcomes of the study will support the development of recommendations for a national technical specification for the use of Mass Engineered Timber based on the review of existing international guidance and research needs. The recommendations for the national technical specification should address design, performance and construction aspects and should provide a means of demonstrating compliance with Building Regulations. The study will focus on low to medium rise new-build residential and non-residential buildings, where MET is all, or a substantial part, of the primary structure. The recommendations for scope and content should provide for a range of new residential low to medium rise apartments and non- residential buildings including office buildings and assembly buildings and other residential buildings such as student accommodation, hotels and nursing homes. Building types may be reviewed or added to during the project in consultation with TG2 members and the project management team. Emphasis will be placed on regulations, guidance, standards, certification schemes, technical reports and research, codes, and typical construction details for MET buildings, collectively to be described in this study as technical information.
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Architectural services; engineering services and integrated engineering services...
2014/24/EU (Classic)
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A Public Contract
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71000000-Architectural, construction, engineering and inspection services
71530000-Construction consultancy services
71600000-Technical testing, analysis and consultancy services
73000000-Research and development services and related consultancy services
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Liam Harding
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27/06/2024 12:00
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13/06/2024 17:00
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28/06/2024 00:00
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9 months
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3 months
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22/05/2024 07:50
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02/08/2024 00:00
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16/08/2024 17:00