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DPS: Dynamic Purchasing System for the Provision of Insourcing Services for Surgical Procedures

Name of Contracting Authority:
Health Service Executive (HSE)
Dynamic Purchasing System for the Provision of Insourcing Services for Surgical Procedures
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Evaluation Mechanism:
Best Price-Quality Ratio
****IMPORTANT GUIDANCE RE SUBMITTING APPLICATION**** Tender documents are available for download from this platform. However, there is currently no facility for submitting responses via this platform. **Please submit your response via email to** The email addresses on the tender document are not to be utilised.**Please direct any queries via e-tenders messaging.** The purpose of this DPS is to establish a mechanism through which the Contracting Authority can procure high quality insourced clinical and diagnostic services, primarily to address waiting list challenges. The Contracting Authority is seeking to establish a partnership arrangement with a number of suitably qualified and experienced service providers. It is anticipated that a broad range of services may be required under this DPS across multiple clinical specialities and diagnostic services including but not limited to: • Endoscopy/Gastroenterology • Dermatology • Ophthalmology • Otolaryngology (ENT) • General Surgery • Oral Maxillo Surgery • Cardiology • Pain Relief • Neurology • Orthopaedics • Plastic Surgery • Urology • Vascular • Diagnostics (Radiological and Clinical Measurement Services) This is an indicative list of specialities from which services may be procured. The Contracting Authority reserves the right to extend the range of services to include other clinical specialities. It is the intention that the Contracting Authority will provide some or all of the following: • The facilities, equipment and consumables as necessary for the performance of the services. • Access to all relevant patient data as required to deliver the services. • Access to radiology/pathology services, supervising staff, administrative and support staff and allied Health staff. • Access to all relevant ICT systems including Patient Administration Systems, quality assurance systems, laboratory and radiology access The extent to which the forgoing will apply will be set out at mini-competition stage. Clinical Governance arrangements will vary depending on the nature of the services required. Full details will be issued with each mini comp
Procurement Type:
2014/24/EU (Classic)
CPC Category:
CPV Codes:
85000000-Health and social work services
85100000-Health services
85110000-Hospital and related services
85111000-Hospital services
85111100-Surgical hospital services
85111200-Medical hospital services
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20/12/2024 12:00