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CfT: 240710 Works Contractor for Minor Drainage Works at University College Cork (UCC)

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University College Cork
240710 Works Contractor for Minor Drainage Works at University College Cork (UCC)
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Best Price-Quality Ratio
UCC hereby issues this information in accordance with the requirements of EC directive 2004/18/EC (open procedure) and is seeking the submission of Tenders with respect to the Works Contractor for Minor Drainage Works at University College Cork (UCC) using the term maintenance contract. It is the intention of the Contracting Authority (UCC) to form a Contract (using the Standard Agreement to the Public Works Term Maintenance and Refurbishment Contract (PW-CF11)) for Minor Drainage Projects with a suitably experienced and resourced Contractor. The Minor Drainage Projects encompass cleaning and unblocking of drains using water jetting and other techniques, CCTV surveys of drains, rehabilitation of drains using lining and other techniques, pavement reinstatement and repair , Grease Trap cleaning , Acoustic Leak detection and ancillary works relating to all of the above activities. The Projects shall be undertaken in busy campus environments and shall often be undertaken outside of normal working hours. Twenty four hour emergency response is also a requirement of the Contracting Authority. The works will comprise • CCTV Surveys, Drainage Repairs, Pavement Reinstatement: TII Specification for Road Works (TII; • Water Jetting: Sewer Jetting Code of Practice, 2nd Edition, Published by WRC, ISBN 1-898920559; • Pipe Lining: BS EN ISO 11296 Plastic Piping Systems for Renovation of Underground Non-Pressure Drainage and Sewerage Networks. • Grease Trap Servicing and cleaning including grease removal/disposal for External and Internal Grease traps, Pump sump Chambers, Survey of Restaurant areas, assessing FOGs risk, proposing remedial measures both operational and in terms of installation of Grease traps, submitting a written report. • Acoustic Leak detection for buried pipelines. It is the Contracting Authority’s intention to issue Task Orders to the Contractor for Minor Drainage Projects under the terms of the Public Works Term Maintenance and Refurbishment Works Contract for a two-year term. The Contracting Authority may extend the initial term by a maximum of two 1-year terms. Full details on the deliverables are as per Volume A Works Requirements.
Procurement Type:
2014/24/EU (Classic)
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A Public Contract
CPV Codes:
45000000-Construction work
45332300-Drain-laying work
45332000-Plumbing and drain-laying work
43324000-Drainage equipment
44160000-Pipeline, piping, pipes, casing, tubing and related items
45232452-Drainage works
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23/08/2024 19:00
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13/08/2024 19:00
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23/08/2024 19:30
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48 months
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180 days
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10/07/2024 16:16
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