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CfT: Mentoring Services to Businesses on Behalf of Local Enterprise Office (LEO), Wexford

General Tenders 2024
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Wexford County Council
Mentoring Services to Businesses on Behalf of Local Enterprise Office (LEO), Wexford
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Best Price-Quality Ratio
The Local Enterprise Office Wexford Mentor Programme is designed to match the knowledge, skills, insights and entrepreneurial capability of experienced business practitioners with entrepreneurs, small business owner/managers who need practical and strategic advice and guidance. The mentor contributes independent, informed observation and advice to aid decision making. Applications (or “Tenders”) are invited from competent persons with relevant experience, expertise and qualifications to provide mentoring across the following lots: • Lot 1: Financial Management • Lot 2: General Business • Lot 3: Sales and Marketing • Lot 4: Social Media and Digital Marketing • Lot 5: HR • Lot 6: International Trade and Brexit • Lot 7: Green Business / Sustainability • Lot 8: Food and Beverage Sector • Lot 9: Tech sector • Lot 10: Craft and creative sector • Lot 11: Retail Sector • Lot 12: Tourism Sector • Lot 13: Engineering Sector • Lot 14: Content Creation Sector • Lot 15: Maritime and Renewable Energy Sector • Lot 16: Cyber security and GDPR
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CPC Category:
2014/24/EU (Classic)
CfT Involves:
The establishment of a framework agreement
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CPV Codes:
80000000-Education and training services
80500000-Training services
80510000-Specialist training services
80521000-Training programme services
80532000-Management training services
80531000-Industrial and technical training services
79410000-Business and management consultancy services
79411000-General management consultancy services
79411100-Business development consultancy services
79412000-Financial management consultancy services
79413000-Marketing management consultancy services
79414000-Human resources management consultancy services
79415000-Production management consultancy services
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Time-limit for receipt of tenders or requests to participate:
14/08/2024 16:00
Deadline for dispatching invitations:
End of clarification period:
26/07/2024 16:00
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Tenders Opening Date:
14/08/2024 16:30
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Lot Name(1)
Lot 1- Financial Management
Lot Name(2)
Lot 2- General Business
Lot Name(3)
Lot 3- Sales and Marketing
Lot Name(4)
Lot 4- Social Media and Digital Marketing
Lot Name(5)
Lot 5- HR
Lot Name(6)
Lot 6- International Trade and Brexit
Lot Name(7)
Lot 7- Green Business / Sustainability
Lot Name(8)
Lot 8- Food and Beverage Sector
Lot Name(9)
Lot 9- Tech sector
Lot Name(10)
Lot 10- Craft and creative sector
Lot Name(11)
Lot 11- Retail Sector
Lot Name(12)
Lot 12- Tourism Sector
Lot Name(13)
Lot 13- Engineering Sector
Lot Name(14)
Lot 14- Content Creation Sector
Lot Name(15)
Lot 15- Maritime and Renewable Energy Sector
Lot Name(16)
Lot 16- Cyber security and GDPR
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Maximum Number of Lots
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Contract duration in months or years, including any options and renewals:
3 years
Validity of Tender in days or months:
3 months
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10/07/2024 14:39
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