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CfT: Multi-Disciplinary Design Team Services for Planned Thermal and Electrical Resilience Upgrade Works at Beaumont Hospital

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Multi-Disciplinary Design Team Services for Planned Thermal and Electrical Resilience Upgrade Works at Beaumont Hospital
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Beaumont Hospital intents to appoint a multi-disciplinary design team, led by a suitably-qualified and experienced mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) consultant, in connection with planned thermal and electrical resilience upgrade works at Beaumont Hospital. Beaumont Hospital’s campus is beginning to undergo significant transformation in accordance with the provisions of the Hospital’s Protective Development Control Plan (PDCP). Six large acute facilities projects are due for completion between 2024 and 2030. The combined area of these new facilities is c. 22,350 m², representing a substantial increase to the existing building stock of 88,000 m². In essence, the Hospital’s long-term plan is to migrate its acute services (i.e., Theatre, Diagnostics, etc.), to the under-developed western side of the campus. To facilitate this significant increase in building stock, both the primary and secondary electrical and thermal systems must be upgraded and modernised to meet future demand. With the Irish Government’s Climate Action Plan 2024 heavily focused on sustainability and reductions to emissions, the Hospital is facing a significant task in order to meet its targets. The appointed design team will provide a fully HTM compliant N+1 resilience secondary electrical power supply, SPS (the primary supply upgrade is already underway), and a heat pump district heating (DH) system. As explained in greater detail throughout this document, the appointed design team shall progress the project in accordance with the standard CWMF stages (i.e., from ‘Preliminary’ through to ‘Handover of Works’). Concerning the planned Thermal Upgrade, the appointed design shall assess the condition of the Hospital’s thermal generation and distribution systems, shall provide design solutions for the expanded Beaumont Hospital site that will achieve the targets outlined in the Government’s Climate Action Plan and shall ultimately deliver the necessary energy and infrastructure upgrade. Concerning the Electrical Resilience Secondary Power Supply (SPS) Upgrade, the Hospital’s existing generators and secondary power supply must be upgraded to cater for future demand in line with the Hospital’s Protective Development Control Plan. The Hospital’s intention is to develop a secondary power supply by upgrading the current system with a full HTM-compliant solution. The appointed design team shall assess the Hospital’s existing standby electrical generation system, shall provide design solutions that demonstrate full compliance with HTM 06-01 and shall ultimately deliver the successful installation of the solution. The appointed design team shall undertake the Thermal Upgrade and Electrical Resilience Secondary Power Supply (SPS) Upgrade elements of the overall project in parallel, exercising its professional judgement in determining and formulating a suitable consolidated programme for the project that takes due account of all interdependencies
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2014/24/EU (Classic)
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51100000-Installation services of electrical and mechanical equipment
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06/08/2024 12:00
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25/07/2024 17:00
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