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CfT: West Quad Grangegorman Property Exchange Project

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West Quad Grangegorman Property Exchange Project
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Best Price-Quality Ratio
The Contracting Authority is seeking to appoint a Developer for the West Quad Grangegorman Property Exchange Project (the Project). The Project comprises the design, build (construction) and financing of the West Quad at Grangegorman in exchange for the title of the TU Dublin Aungier St. Campus. The Contracting Authority will have no role – nor interest – in the Developer’s plans for any future development at the Aungier St. Campus. The Grangegorman Development Agency is responsible for the urban and social renewal of a c.30ha site at Grangegorman, Dublin 7. The Grangegorman Development Agency Act (2005) scheduled several properties across Dublin city which were then all in the ownership of Dublin Institute of Technology (now TU Dublin). Arising from the Grangegorman Strategic Plan, the funding model for some phases of the educational aspects of the Grangegorman development was established to be primarily – and in the first instance – from the proceeds arising from the disposal of these properties, or otherwise from the release of their value. As part of the current programme of works, the Agency – with TU Dublin – is advancing with plans to develop the West Quad Grangegorman. The West Quad will provide c.21,000m2 of new higher-education learning/ teaching space to support the continued consolidation of elements of TU Dublin at Grangegorman. It will replace TU Dublin facilities, functions, and operations presently at the TU Dublin Aungier St. Campus, and its development will be funded by the disposal of same. The West Quad Grangegorman Property Exchange Project comprises, amongst other things, three principal elements: 1. The construction by a Developer of the West Quad at Grangegorman in accordance with the West Quad Works Requirements in exchange for which the title to the Aungier St. Campus is transferred to the Developer. 2.The primary consideration for the construction of the West Quad is the transfer of the Aungier St. Campus title to the to the Developer. 3. The entitlement of TU Dublin to remain in place and enjoy the full use and benefit of the Aungier St. Campus until such time as 60 working days after the West Quad reaches Substantial Completion. To this end, the Contracting Authority is proceeding with a Dialogue procurement process, in several stages. The first stage, Stage I – Pre-qualification (Stage I – PQ) will invite Submissions from Candidates. Subsequently, shortlisted Stage I Candidates will be invited to participate in a Dialogue at the second Stage II – Invitation to Participate in Dialogue (Stage II – ITPD). Candidates should note that the Project is being procured in this way to recognise the fact that the commercial, technical and other elements of the Project may require dialogue with Tenderers. Candidates should therefore be aware that the description of the Project may evolve at Stage II of the procurement process. Please refer to PIM and supporting documents for further information.
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2014/24/EU (Classic)
Competitive dialogue
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A Public Contract
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45214000-Construction work for buildings relating to education and research
70112000-Development of non-residential real estate
70111000-Development of residential real estate
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GDA Procurement Manager, Carmel Norman
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24/04/2024 12:00
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22/03/2024 12:00
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25/04/2024 00:00
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30 months
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12 months
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04/03/2024 13:30
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