Contracts for Mini-Competitions and Standalone Awards

Click HERE for the summary lists of contracts for the period from 1st August 2014 to the end of the last quarter.

The Government launched an initiative in April 2014 (Circular 10/14) to assist Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SME) in Public Sector Procurement. One of these measures requires Public Buyers to publish all award details over €25,000 (ex VAT) on the eTenders website on completion of the contract signing. This provision came into effect from 1 August 2014. In situations where the procurement competition was managed outside of eTenders, it was not possible to enter contract award information as there was no preceding tender notice. The contract management facility on eTenders now allows contracting authorities to enter details for these types of standalone awards and mini competitions (call-off from frameworks).

Where the tender notice is published and managed entirely within eTenders, please refer to the Notice search available on the eTenders website homepage. From January 2016, this area will contain summary lists of awards for mini-competitions and also standalone agreements where the original tender notice was not published on eTenders. Updates will be provided on a quarterly basis. The data in these summary lists comes solely from the eTenders site and is fully dependent on the accuracy and availability of information entered by Public Sector buyers.


The contract summary lists are now available in a readable .csv file format. The lists have been re-stated to exclude Framework sub-contracts as these only identify the qualified members for future mini-competitions.  

Office of Government Procurement,
February 2020