Office of Government Procurement

The Procurement Reform Programme is one of the key elements of the Government’s Public Sector Reform Programme.

Reform of public procurement is one of the major projects of key strategic importance in the Government’s Public Service Reform Plan. The State spends around €9 billion on goods and services each year. This represents a very significant portion of overall spending and it is, therefore, essential that the public service achieves maximum value for money and operational efficiency in its approach to public procurement.

The Government has set the procurement reform programme a savings target of up to €500m over three years. While the savings target is significant, it is achievable but requires restructuring and reform to achieve it. This restructuring will see procurement policy, strategy and sourcing integrated in one office – the Office of Government Procurement. The Office of Government Procurement operates as an office of the Department of Public Expenditure and Reform, with its own Vote.

Through the Office of Government Procurement, when it is fully established, the public service will speak with one 'voice' to the market for each category of expenditure, eliminating duplication and taking advantage of the scale of public procurement to best effect.

By organising procurement under a unified structure, the Office of Government Procurement will ensure that the procurement expertise and experience that exists in the public service is harnessed and applied consistently to all procurement activities. This strengthening of procurement professionalisation will in turn provide public sector bodies with increased certainty and reduced risk by providing compliant sourcing solutions.